Robert Bekkers

Robert Bekkers

Robert Bekkers earned his teacher’s certificate and performer’s degrees at the “Conservatorium van Maastricht” (Netherlands) and came to Boston in 2012, where he received his doctoral from the New England Conservatory. Here he had the unique opportunity to work under the inspiring guidance of visionary artist Eliot Fisk. Throughout his early education, Robert participated in masterclasses given by many internationally renowned artists including Pepe Romero, Hubert Käppel, David Russell, Abel Carlevaro and Alexander Frauchi.

Robert performs regularly as a soloist or in collaboration with piano, violin, flute or voice. His aim is to reach out and connect to audiences, sharing awareness and appreciation of excellent music.

Along with a steady flow of concerts and collaborations, Robert teaches at the South Shore Conservatory in Hingham MA, Yamaha Music School in Lexington MA, and at Gordon College in Wenham, MA.

“For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with my instrument, and I still do: I love everything about it, its sound, its many shapes, its materials, its repertoire. When I started to play the guitar, I did so on an instrument I built myself. I think my parents didn’t want to spend any more money on an instrument after I fell out with french horn and trumpet. But the guitar was my game and I could not be stopped.”

Grounded in the traditions of existing pedagogy, Robert has dedicated himself to thoroughly understand the workings of the guitar and how to then best convey its principles to his students. At the core of Robert’s approach are a profound understanding of music as a tool for expression, woven into a carefully chosen repertoire.